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how europa league works?

The UEFA Europa League, a club soccer competition open to all eligible European soccer clubs, has been sponsored by UEFA since 1971. It is the second-most prestigious club competition in Europe, behind the UEFA Champions League. Clubs are admitted to the competition based on their performance in their respective national leagues and cup competitions.

The Europa League has 48 clubs, 24 of which begin play in the group stage. There are eight rounds of the competition before the final. The winner of the UEFA Europa League advances to the UEFA Champions League the following season.

In the UEFA Europa League group stage, 24 clubs are divided into four groups of six. The top two teams from each group play each other both at home and away during the group round before moving on to the knockout round.

The UEFA Europa League knockout stage has 16 clubs with a two-leg format for each round. On Thursday and Tuesday, respectively, the first and second legs are played. Winners advance to the championship game from the knockout stage.

when europa league start?

The UEFA Europa League group stage begins in the middle of September each year.

when europa league final?

The UEFA Europa League final, an annual association soccer competition featuring the top club teams in Europe, has been held at UEFA's facilities since 1971. It is the second-most esteemed European club soccer competition, behind the UEFA Champions League. The championship game is played in May or early June, which marks the end of the season. The winner of the UEFA Europa League advances to the UEFA Champions League the following season.

The championship game has taken place in numerous cities over the years. The championship game was played on the winner's home field from 1971 to 1999. If the cup winners were also eligible for the European Champions Cup, the runners-up took their place. Because the winners of the UEFA Champions League now automatically qualify for the UEFA Champions League, the runners-up now take part in the UEFA Europa League final instead of the cup winners.

what is europa league prize money?

The Europa League is a soccer competition that features teams from all throughout Europe. The competition is the second-tier European club soccer tournament held by UEFA after the Champions League.

The Europa League prize money is distributed as follows: For the group stage, each team received €2.1 million, followed by €3.5 million for the round of 32 and €4.5 million for the round of 16. For the quarterfinals, semifinals, and championship, each club will receive €5.5 million, €6.5 million, and €9 million respectively.

are europa league games on tv?

Matches from the Europa League are televised on all of the major sports networks, including BT Sports and BEin Sports.